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Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 1, 2006

For any dance studio or facility Sam Snyders teaches in, Sam is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of his students, artists, partners, performers, and any other individuals who attend his classes. Establishing trust within the relationships Sam Snyders creates with all individuals who attend his classes is a goal Sam persistently tries to reach.

Please review sections "Personal Information Defined" and "Comments and Photo Gallery" below for further explanation of use of personal information.

Personal Information Defined

Any type of information that is used to contact or identify an individual or various parties is considered personal information. If an individual's contact details are recorded and stored, for instance, that is considered the individual's personal information and will be kept confidential by all personnel at However, the individual may receive email regarding news, events and other announcements when he or she submits a comment or signs up on the mailing list.

Comments and Photo Gallery

Comments submitted by an individual which is deemed suitable to be displayed on the website will automatically display the individual's first and last name pertaining to the comment. Any registered user of the photo gallery who voluntarily adds personal comments or release personal information about himself or herself will be subjected to being censored or banned as seen fit by personnel of Should the individual release personal information about others that is discrimminating or inappropriate in any way than that information will be reviewed as seen fit by personnel of not excluding banning the originator of such material.


All personal information is kept confidential. Unless proper authorization is granted, no individual's personal information is disclosed. If personnel at grants access to an individual's personal information, that information is used for proper reason for which it was obtained.


Security concerns over user information tracking are common in the internet today. A cookie is used by a Web server to track information of the user visiting its website. The cookie is stored on the user's internet browser. Cookies are used within the section of this website for registered users who have the ability to log into the photo gallery.


This site does not support adware to collect information of users and their internet browsing patterns in order to direct them to appropriate internet advertisements based on their internet browsing patterns.


This site does not use Pop-Ups to endorse sales and advertisement over the internet. However, "pop-up type" windows will appear in the photo gallery section of this site for enlarged photos.

Privacy Policy Updates

As times change and circumstances evolve, there may be a legitimate call to review and revise's privacy policy. Should this occur, any appropriate updates and changes will be made to maintain a consistent policy.

Contact Information

Questions regarding this privacy policy can directed to Sam Snyders at

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